A huge focus of the industry has been placed on what clothes are made of, but we really need to think about how to keep clothing worn for longer.

We design with as many natural materials as we can so overtime, these fibres can return back to nature. Even the strongest natural fibres won’t withstand unlimited years of wear. But with a few simple steps taken towards better care of your loved pieces, you’ll be able to make them last longer.

Removing the need to replace with new starts with better care for our clothing.

Our Initiatives

To encourage effortless care for clothing


Free repair service with every purchase to embrace the unexpected


Free repair service with every purchase to embrace the unexpected


Rejuvenate clothing with a simple wash cycle


An accessible recycling solution for LESTRANGE garments


We're committed to closing the loop with a focus on increasing longevity and versatility of garments to keep them in circulation for as long as possible.

Return any LESTRANGE garment with cotton or wool content to any of our stores and we'll take care of recycling it.

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Closing the loop


Even with perfect care and following the care label instructions, we understand unexpected things might happen while wearing your favourite L’Estrange piece.

Missing a button or snagged a thread? Bring it back to us within 12 months of your purchase and we’ll offer a complimentary repair service.

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Together with Dutch scientist Harm Kuilderd, we developed an effortless solution to rejuvenate clothing using naturally-derived enzymes.

Re_Fresh is a laundry tablet that extends the lifetime of clothing, and allows you to wear your favourite garments again and again.

It’s a win for you and for the planet.


Pop a Re_Fresh laundry tablet into a wash cycle and it will remove the top layer of fibres that have left behind a ‘fuzzy’ texture over time.


Discover the vibrant fibres underneath that are revealed from the process.


The garment is rejuvenated and ready to be worn for several more wears. It’s that easy.

The power to turn back time in the palm of your hand


extension of life

The world’s first-ever widely available rejuvenating laundry tablet.

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