Our journey to circularity

The world is over producing.

The output of the textile industry has doubled in the last 15 years to 100 billion units per year. Most of this will end up in landfill. And it's being accelerated by disposable mindsets and rapidly decreasing times garments are worn. We need to move to a place where we buy less and buy better.

That's why we're commited to changing our collective relationship with consumption. We've reimagined every stage of the clothing lifecycle to conserve resources.

Designing for longevity

The average piece of clothing is worn only 10 times before being disposed of.

Traditional fashion says we should discard and buy more. Isn’t it time for change? Our capsule wardrobe comprises versatile and timeless clothes that do more, so that you can own less. And it’s working. Our community said that on average, our 24 Trouser was worn over 100 times in the first year alone.

Responsible fabrics

100% of our wardrobe is crafted from recycled or renewable materials.

Recycled materials means using waste as an input and renewable materials means using natural fibres that will eventually degrade into organic matter. Of our products using cotton, 100% are now organic. We’ve also invested in fabrics like Kapok - a natural fibre that saves up to 3,000L of water per kg.

Our trusted factory partners are located in Europe, and we visit each one regularly to ensure working conditions and factors such as working hours and wages are in line with our principles.

Going climate positive

We are a carbon negative business.

We measure the impact of our products on the planet (like the 24 Trouser which emits 5.7kg of CO2e), continuously look for ways to reduce this impact and have invested in projects to balance out our entire historical carbon footprint and more. Our packaging is plastic-free and fully recyclable, and we transport items internally in reusable, compostable bags.


We offer a guarantee on all our clothes.

If your product needs a fix, just let our concierge know. Our lifecare emails encourage you to be conscious of how you care for your clothes. Washing your garment regularly has a carbon footprint too, which can become even greater than the footprint of the item itself.

Recycling and Re_Work

When you’re done wearing it, we recycle it.

We’re committed to every part of our clothing’s lifecycle. We use ReGain to recycle your clothing - offering our largest ever discount as an incentive. In 2020, we launched Re_Work, a project dedicated to bringing clothing back to life, repaired and refreshed. We’re also currently exploring new technologies to help us reuse clothing that cannot be repaired.

Our journey to circularity continues, with the goal to have our entire wardrobe crafted from only renewable materials that will either biodegrade or be repurposed in the future. Use more, waste less.