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The journey so far

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Success today has a new look

The rise of entrepreneurialism has redefined long established codes and conventions. L'Estrange is co-creating a world of new rules, by designing a selection of luxurious pieces that keep up with our changing lifestyles.


Redefining a category

L'Estrange is redefining a category that has stayed still for too long: smart casual. Led by a mantra of ‘nothing is finished until it is perfect, nothing is perfect’, we are creating clothes that allow you to transition into any setting, without compromising on comfort or style


It all started with The Hood

L’Estrange's first project, The Hood, aimed to redefine the hoodie. We saw it as unfinished, reimagining it to create a luxurious piece of clothing that felt special to wear whatever the setting.


The Hood sparked a bigger movement

The Hood sparked a bigger movement — to update an entire wardrobe that answers the unmet needs of the man on the move. The full lifestyle collection of essential tailored garments features a blend of woven fabrics and custom-made knits.


Tailoring the man on the move

Our collection of key transitional pieces takes you all the way through the day and into the evening.


Our retail spaces

Our stores give us the opportunity to showcase our latest collections and introduce L’Estrange to a new audience. We believe it is important to have a physical space for people to appreciate the quality of the garments we produce and understand what makes them special.


The Founders

Nothing is finished until it's perfect, nothing is perfect.