Product Care | L'Estrange London

We want to reduce the mass consumption happening in the fashion industry and give you a longer lasting wardrobe that stands the test of time. All our pieces (aside from the Bomber Jacket) are machine washable. To maximise the life of each item, follow these care instructions below.


To reduce unnecessary water consumption and keep the keep the colour of your clothes looking vibrant, we recommend a quick 30-minute spin at 30 degrees Celsius using a gentle detergent (like Tangent – This will remove any small marks, keep your clothes looking fresh and extend the life of each item. For more heavy wear, wash on a long-cycle at 30 degrees Celsius, ideally also using a light detergent.


Hang other items to dry on a rack. Do not tumble dry. Lightly iron all shirting and linings before wear – hot irons will damage the stretch in our shirts.