With less, you can do more

In a world of hyper-convenience and overconsumption, we’re on the mission to simplify the male wardrobe. Our modular clothing system comprises comfortable, seasonless, versatile pieces designed to be worn in any setting. Fewer things, fewer decisions, less impact on the planet and more time to focus on what’s important.

Our journey to circularity

Designed in London and crafted in our European factories, we've reimagined every stage of the clothing lifecycle to conserve resources and improve longevity. We only use renewable and recycled materials like organic cotton, and offer free repairs to extend the life of clothes. Read more about our commitment here.

Collaboration and community is core

We believe that when we join together, we’re able to solve problems more effectively and more quickly. Our customers are at the heart of the process, from inputting on developing products with our limited CONCEPTS line to sharing the experience of growing with us.

Our future of retail

In 2020, we opened our new neighbourhood store in Notting Hill. Designed with Fred Rigby, it’s a space that centres around bringing our simplified wardrobe closer to you. Just like our clothes, our store is designed for versatility - each piece of furniture is collapsable and modular in nature so that it can be used again in future locations to reduce our footprint.


Nothing is finished until it's perfect. Nothing is perfect.